Casino Porte 16

Casino Porte

Area: 25,000 m²

Owner: Sociedade de Jogos de Macau, Macau Success Limited

The casino was opened on February 1, 2008. Originally Casino Porte 16 was a fishing port, but in mid-1900, after the settlement of the Chinese triad, the place became famous for gambling. There is a casino in the centre of Inner Harbour in western Macau.

The hotel has 408 rooms, restaurants and bars, a swimming pool, a gym, a health centre and a business centre. The casino has slot machines (320) and tables (150), 2 VIP-halls and plenty of other entertainment.

Porte 16 is famous for its exposition hall. Here you can see Michael Jackson’s personal belongings, such as the glove he was wearing during his first moonwalk!